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The e-weddinglist provides the platform for you to write your own online wedding list . It gives you the flexibility to list a variety of wedding gifts from different stores. Your friends and family ‘promise to buy’ their chosen wedding gift, removing it from the online list and leaving your guests free to choose where to buy from.

Think of a present, any present you like?

Writing your own online wedding list allows you to list anything.. from anywhere. No limitations.

Our regular blog provides some fresh ideas - such as our article on wedding gifts with a twist which talks about asking for meal vouchers, trips, excursions.

Wedding Gift List Online: e-weddinglist.co.uk

Cater for all guests. Our research has shown that different wedding guests like to give different types of wedding gift; cater for everyone by including a variety of gifts on your online wedding list. Such as:

You will receive wedding presents directly from your friends and family; beautifully wrapped and delivered to you on your wedding day. Who wants to wait for the brown cardboard boxes to be delivered several months later?

Read our article on writing the perfect online wedding gift list, and how you can cater for the needs of all of your wedding guests with just one online wedding list.

How does the wedding list work?

For each item on your online wedding list you can enter

  • A name
  • A full description
  • A photograph
  • An estimated price
  • A website link
Online Wedding Gift List : e-weddinglist.co.uk

When a guest views your online wedding list they see the name of the item and the estimated price. They can then click to view more details on any wedding gift.

Additionally you can upload information such as a personal message to introduce your online wedding list, any wedding information, photos and maps.

Your guests chooses an item and then reserves it by clicking on a ‘promise to buy’ button. They will then receive an email confirming their promise, which contains details of the wedding gift.

When you login to the e-weddinglist your home page tells how many wedding gifts have been reserved and how many guests have registered. If you want to you can click to see more information on which wedding gifts and who has registered.

Wedding Gift List : e-weddinglist.co.uk


Savings to be made
Many of the wedding guests who have registered on the e-weddinglist have said how refreshing it was to be able to choose, buy and wrap a present for their friends. Many appreciated being able to shop around and save a few bob too.

Our blog provides regular price comparisons and ideas for your wedding list, helping you with tips and ideas for your online wedding list. click here for price comparisons on our online wedding list blog

No advertising
You will notice that we carry no advertising. We have chosen to keep this website free from advertising to give you a bit of peace and quiet from our commercial world. This does mean, however, that we levy a small charge to cover the set up and running costs of this website. This is a one-off charge.

The website is completly free of charge for wedding guests; who can also benefit from being able to avoid delivery fees.


Getting Started

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